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Home Theater - Just Like Being There
A personal Home Theater or Media Room is one of the most fun and enjoyable investments that can be made for you and your family. We create systems that surround you with the event, bringing that special feeling to the comfort of your home.
The Secret Is In The Sound

Movie theaters use a combination of high-resolution film, multiple speakers properly positioned to help recreate time and dimension relationships with the action on the screen, and specially encoded audio tracks that make the sound you hear coincide with the movement on the screen. Sound Advice can create that same realistic movie theater experience in your own private theater.

Simple, Complete Control At Your Fingertip

Today's Television, Satellite, Cable, DVD Players, Digital Video Recorders, Surround Recievers, iPod Docks, VCRs, etc. all come with their own remote controls. The concept of remote control convenience is quickly lost when one remote control becomes six or more. Our systems are designed to be very user friendly utilizing one, simple, easy to use, remote control.

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