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Music Throughout Your Home
Advances in audio technology systems now make it possible to have a single home entertainment system that can be enjoyed anywhere in your home. With our multi-room and multi-source systems, you can listen to a CD or iPod on your deck while someone listens the radio in the kitchen.
In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers Can Be Heard, But Not Seen

The use of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers as an alternative to traditional big box speakers and allows you to design your interior d├ęcor without planning around speakers.

Simple, Complete Control At Your Fingertip

Simple and easy to use, controls mount in the wall in any room. These access points can provide complete control of your music and your systems. They also have the capability to be integrated in a wireless platform allowing for control from anywhere in the house. The systems have the capability for intuitive operation of many popular devices including: iPod, Sirius AM/FM and XM Radio. It can provide specific source information including artist, playlist, track, station guides, etc.

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